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First time buying a skateboard

Skateboard Complete
Recommended for kids 12 and under.
These entry-level skateboards are suitable for both transportation and tricks.

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Skateboard Complete
Recommended for anyone 13 and older. These skateboards feature upgraded trucks and bearings capable of supporting skaters up to an adult weight and offer a boost in performance. This option is also suitable for both transportation and tricks.

Skateboard Complete
Recommended for any age.
Cruisers have larger decks and softer wheels. They are more stable and comfortable to ride, even on rough pavement – making them ideal for transportation.


The number included in each option refers to the skateboard deck’s width, in inches. Different decks come in slightly different sizes for more experienced and preference based choices.
Rest assured, we’ve made the technical decisions for you with these pre-assembled skateboard completes.
For beginners, these sizes will all feel the same. Simply choose the graphic that speaks to you!

You’re welcome to build a custom complete by purchasing the components individually.
Grip tape, hardware and assembly is included. 

Proper skate shoes are also essential for any skateboarder.
They make a huge difference by providing performance and durability that is specifically designed for skateboarding.

Lastly, don’t forget about safety!
Check out our helmets and pads 

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If it is urgent, please call the shop.
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