Birling the Numbers: Late Flips

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We’ve taken the time to analyze data regarding skateboard culture in an attempt to better understand it. First up, we looked into the prevalence of a controversial trick: the late flip.

Late Flips Skateboarding Graph

Late flips seem to be more popular amongst skaters living in areas away from major cities. This leads to the following thought: the further a skater resides from a major city, the longer their early innocent, and unadulterated skateboarding phase persists. Those are the years of pure skating. The years where a skater navigates the massive list of tricks invented, without any knowledge of what is or isn’t considered “illegal”. If the skater lives sufficiently far away from a city, this phase can continue long enough for the skater to learn late flips. Otherwise, the frosty vibes of skaters clinging to modern trends will sway a skater into the standardized row, which includes the thought that late flips are “kooky”.

Skateboarders often claim their prized past time to be utterly “free” and “void of regulations”, however plenty of rules do in fact exist within skateboarding…for better or worse. These rules are held in higher regard, depending on how serious a skate community is. You will definitely make a more friends at Charlie doing back noseblunts rather than one foot nose manuals. On the flip side, one foot nose manuals may score you a free beer or two from the locals at the Pembroke skatepark.

What does this mean? What are the implications? Nothing and nothing. Just another dissection of the culture surrounding this wooden toy that we love so much.

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