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Mashimo T - White


In the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, rural cottage towns up the Outaouais were being overrun by bike gangs. The twisting roads and dramatic geography of this region just north of Ottawa have always been attractive to bikers from surrounding cities. Unfortunately for the locals, some of these bike clubs—which at one point represented freedom, brotherhood, and safety-in-numbers—were turning more and more toward organized crime and territorial control.

The story that this collection tells isn’t written in history books or housed in the archives but heard in the whispers and tall tales of locals who were around to witness the Sûreté du Québec (Québec Provincial Police) wage their own territorial war against the biker gangs of the day. 

 Rural legend has it that one night in the quaint town of Masham, an unconstitutional police raid was carried out against gang members at Le Mashimo, a local disco bar popular with cottagers but also becoming home to bikers. Locals watched the bikers get arrested as a tow truck driver pulled a chain through the spokes of the bikers’ front wheels...


- 70% cotton, 30% bamboo

- Water based ink silk screened graphic

- Designed in Ottawa, Made in Canada!


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