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Magic Bullet Socks


Perhaps, one of, if not our favorite graphic in Theories history is this classic image of the original mock-up of the famous Magic Bullet Theory. A theory originally proposed by the official government committee formed to investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy after his murder on November 22nd, 1963. The "Magic Bullet" theory tried to propose that only 3 shots were fired that day, all by Lee Harvey Oswald, and that one of the 3 bullets committed 7 injuries to both Kennedy and Governor Connelly. This fantastical and absolutely impossible theory was the only way the government could hold their story together that Oswald acted alone in the killing of JFK. Because, if there were more than 4 shots fired that day it would only be possible if there were a second shooter since they only had evidence of Oswald's rifle having fired 3 shots. And since one shot was known to have missed and the 3rd shot was the separate head shot that killed Kennedy instantly.