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Birling - Vic Island Deck


Victoria Island is situated in the middle of the Ottawa River, just west of Parliament Hill. For centuries, it has been a site of significance for Canada’s First Nations, who named the surrounding area Asinabka—place of glare rock. Renowned Algonquin traditional teacher, Albert Dumont, explains further: “before the arrival of colonizers and industry, the falls were truly mighty. The mist created by the waters rose up and then descended on the rock of which the islands were made, thus producing a glow or glare coming from them when struck by the sun and moon beams.” The area flanks the convergence of major transport routes, the Gatineau and Rideau Rivers. This made it an ideal site for Anishinabek nations to meet for trading purposes and for spiritual ceremonies. 


The industrialization of Ottawa in the 1800s led to the construction of the Willson Carbide Mill on the island’s east end, which opened in the year 1904. It was here where Canadian inventor Thomas Willson’s revolutionary technique of producing calcium carbide was brought to an industrial scale. Several fires at the mill and years of neglect left a large portion of the island abandoned. This proved to be an ideal setting for the most unlikely of candidates: skateboarders. In the decades to follow, skateboarders would assemble at Victoria Island to skate the concrete structures lining the pathway to the entrance of the now-abandoned mill. With this, skateboarding also became an element of the island’s rich history. 


The veneers in each skateboard deck are chosen at random, so the ply colours of the board we ship you may very slightly from what you see here. All deck purchases include a sheet of grip tape. Please let us know if you would like your deck gripped before it’s shipped.

We are located downtown Ottawa, Canada. We send shipments every Tuesday and Friday. If you need something faster please just call the shop and ask. We will be happy to help get something to you faster when possible! If you live in the capital you may opt to pick up your order in store.