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Big Two T


The 1998 renovations under the Plaza Bridge in Ottawa led to the creation of an iconic Ottawa skate spot suitably nicknamed: Big Two Complete with a small gap, high ledges, and plenty of flatground, you’d be hard pressed to find an Ottawa skater unfamiliar with it. These renovations also led archeologists to discovering what is believed to be ruins of the oldest stone structure in Ottawa: a Blacksmith’s shop dated to 1826. It is here where tools and hardware necessary for the construction of the Rideau Canal were forged. The spot that’s synonymous with early 2000s era Ottawa skateboard videos is also the site of a major historical discovery…something to think about while recovering from kickflip attempts down the infamous gap.

- 70% cotton, 30% bamboo

- Water based ink silk screened graphic

- Designed in Ottawa, Made in Canada!

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