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Palestine Sketchbook

Palestine Sketchbook is an unfiltered and complete, one-to-one scale reproduction of a sketchbook from a month spent in Palestine. Although the focus is on the art and experiences, it also includes a short and fragmented narrative of how Birling co-owner, Tom Pajdhlhauser's time in Palestine reshaped his perception of world politics and helped him reconnect to his own family’s migration from Soviet-occupied Eastern Europe.

Palestine Sketchbook

In October 2019, Tom joined a small group of international volunteers in the West Bank to teach skateboarding at an after-school program led by the UK/Palestinian organization SkatePal. Having experienced firsthand how inclusive, empowering, and life-changing skateboarding can be at its best, he wanted to share his experiences both on and off a skateboard with the next generation of Palestinian skaters.

Palestine Sketchbook

Tom's mornings and weekends were spent wandering through towns and cities, filling his sketchbook with the people, places, and day-to-day of the West Bank. One month and eighty pages later, he left with a sketchbook of memories, moments, and experiences, all drawn and painted from life, and a deep love and respect for Palestine’s culture, people, and history.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will directly support SkatePal’s ongoing work.

Get your hand on a copy and some art prints from Tom's website -

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