Throwback - Shop Swap with Working Class (2018)

Shogo Shmizu hardflip Moncton

Back in the summer of 2018, we kicked off a "Hail Mary" experiment by calling another skate shop over 1000 kilometres away and asked "will you be our friends?". They said "yes" and off we went to explore Moncton, NB. This was made possible thanks to the warm hospitality of the folks at Working Class. It warmed our hearts to see this experiment work out. We've always regarded skate shops as churches in the religion of skateboarding; sites of pilgrimage for us to flock to. This was a test of that concept. Simply put, we liked the way that Working Class and Moncton looked, through the (admittedly untrustworthy) guise of social media. We took this idea a step further by driving out there. We rolled the dice, and reaped the benefits of the jackpot by creating memories and friends that will last a lifetime. If ever you should find yourself thinking "that shop looks rad, I bet we'd be on the same page about a lot of things..." you should check them out in person (when it is safe to do so)! More often than not, your feelings on this subject will serve you well. 

Click here to read the full "Shop Swap" article from 2018 featured in SBC.

Party Moncton Skateboard

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