The Royal Ottawa Charity Raffle

Royal Ottawa Skateboard Charity Raffle

Conversations regarding mental health issues are always tough, and long term solutions are very challenging to identify. The complexity of these issues cannot be overstated. The skateboard community is not immune to mental health issues and skate shops are not equipped to handle them above and beyond being a sounding board and connecting you to proper resources. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out for help. Always reach out for help.

We recognize that there are devastating effects caused by mental health issues in our community and that mental health issues take on many forms. We look to leaders in our city like the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre as a vital resource for assisting with mental health issues.

For the month of March, we will be running a charity raffle, sponsored in part by Billy Johnson and Vans Canada. The cost is just 3$ per entry and the winner will receive:


6 decks
2 sets of bearings
2 sets of wheels
1 pair of trucks
5 pairs of Vans skate shoes.
The winner may either keep the loot or give it as a gift to somebody else! You may purchase as many raffle tickets as you’d like.

100% of proceeds from this raffle will be going to the Royal Ottawa. Big thanks to Billy Johnson for sparking this initiative!

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