TANGENT by Jordan Wiens


The debate of superiority between “HD” or “VX” skate videos is an unnecessary one to have. One does not have to be better than the other, as they both serve their own purposes. The debate continues due to how sentimental skateboard culture is to the relic known as the Sony VX1000. It was the golden standard video camera used to produce so many classic skateboard videos. Skaters were quick to describe HD videos as “whack” when they first emerged because that’s their knee jerk reaction to any sort of change. Try suggesting a truck brand switch to a skater over the age of 25 and see what we mean. O.G skateboard culture taught us that we always have to pick a side with anything that even resembles a debate. You were either hesh or fresh and the other side wasn’t cool. 


We’ve grown since, and skateboard culture is learning that complimenting a VX1000 skate flick doesn’t mean that you are putting down HD videos. You do not have to pick a side. Skateboard videographer Jordan Wiens exemplifies this concept in spades. Jordan explores both mediums with his skateboard videos yet selected the aforementioned relic for his latest project – “Tangent”. Considering how simple a Sony VX1000 is compared to modern technology, it is interestingly complex to use properly. In order to achieve a similar effect created by the works of VX wizards such as Greg Hunt, Jon Miner, or Josh Stewart, a filmer must be drawn to study VX1000 videos before developing their own style/technique. Having that passion and understanding why VX1000 footage is so sick makes a huge difference. The pathway to this understanding is rather tedious. Skateboard videos ooze with a hard to define characteristic when they are made with love by a skate nerd filmer who knows what he’s doing. Attempting to define that characteristic is as pointless as the “HD” vs “VX” debate. It’s awesome and is best to be left as unknown.

Click here to watch TANGENT

Click here to watch Bryan Barbier's re-mixed part from TANGENT

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