Boards, Beers and Boobs!



Birling, Girls+ Skate 613, The Yard, Beyond the Pale and lululemon present: Boards, Beers and Boobs!

Join us for a free skateboard event at Ottawa's only indoor skateboard park - - the Yard.

The last few years has seen a huge uptick in visibility for women and gender diverse folks in skateboarding, and a more diverse group of skaters getting meaningful recognition and mainstream spotlight. Increased access to the internet and expanding local communities have allowed women and gender diverse folks to connect with each other and get out riding boards and having fun more than ever.

Skateboarding in general has become more mainstream than before, and many rebel skate teens from the 90s have become parents of their own, encouraging young kids to hop on boards. As some of the stigma around skateboarding is dispelled, along with skateparks popping up in every city, skateboarding has become more accessible to wider audiences.

To celebrate and encourage this growing movement of women and gender diverse folks in our community, Birling, Girls+ Skate 613, The Yard, BTP and lululemon have teamed up to host a free skateboarding night at our local indoor park. This will be the first big indoor session of the year and FREE to come skate, learn how to ride a board and have meaningful conversations about skateboarding and #boobtruths in our communities.

We will have loaner boards to use, informal instructions, snacks and more. Boards, Beers and Boobs - a perfect combination for fun! If you are interested in skateboarding or know someone who is, come by the Yard on Monday, November 18 after 3 p.m. and come ride a board!

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